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Maison Galaxy, inaugurated on July 11th 2014, is one of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s fastest growing supermarket chains with 15 locations now established throughout the country. With over 75,000 loyal customers and counting, we remain fully dedicated to making our customers’ shopping experience a more enjoyable one by offering a wide variety of top quality products at low prices. While we give our visitors the opportunity to purchase products from all across the globe, we have always kept our local community’s best interests in mind by promoting locally established industries, as well.

Our exciting new extension, the launch of our all new website and mobile application, strives to meet the needs of our customers to the best of our ability. It will offer our customers the option to avoid making the trip to our stores physically. Instead, they may save their invaluable time by placing their orders online and having the items brought directly to the comfort of their homes.

Our growth over the last 7+ years fills us with immense pride, and it definitely would not have been possible without the hard work and devoted group of people behind the scenes, which is precisely why we look to give back to the community at every opportunity. We are continuously engaging in various ways with the Kimbondo Orphanage, Rizwan Adatia Foundation, Hospitalier de Mokali, Hospitalier de Kisangani, Hospitalier de Bundu & Hospitalier de Kikimi.

Our Mission

To fulfill every local society’s thirst for basic needs and luxuries while ensuring the less fortunate are positively influenced through our corporate social responsibility programs

Our Vision

To be readily available and affordable to every individual across the country.